We are a company of storytellers. Of thinkers. Of straight shooters. What do we mean by “Storyteller?” We captivate your audience with compelling stories that intrigue their minds, touch their hearts and fire up their imaginations. If there is a story to tell through graphics, video and moving images, Big Bad Wolfe can make your video dream a reality. Visual storytelling, its what we do.

Video Services

Don’t understand what we do? Well, here is some ideas to help you understand it better.

Web Videos
Trade Show Videos
Corporate Training Videos
Corporate History Videos
Corporate Event Videos
Seminar, Meetings & Conference Videos
Team Building Videos
Testimonial Videos
Educational Videos
Manufacturing Videos
Product Demo Videos
Training Videos
Marketing Videos
How To Videos
Real Estate Videos
Pod Casts
Digital Signage
Video Editing

I can keep going, but I think you got the idea. For more information and details on this, click here.

Motion Graphics

What is Motion Graphics you ask? Well, in laymen’s terms, graphics with motion. Its actually a process for 2 dimensional animation that makes your project look AMAZING! It combines animation, special effects, images, graphics, video, logos, audio and what ever else you can come up with that makes your video project scream attention!! Let our “Motionographers” motionize your motion graphics?! Huh? Wait, what?… Rephrase…. If there’s a story to tell through graphics and moving images, our motionographers can make it happen!

If you need to see some Motion Graphics in action to get a better understanding, click here and view our demos.

Photo Montage

Wikipedias definition for Photo Montage is horrible and confusing, so this is the way Big Bad Wolfe defines Photo Montage: taking pictures and creating a motion graphics video (if you don’t know what motion graphics is, read the column to the left) with your memories with some extreme flare! We won’t take your pictures and create just a another boring slideshow, no way! That’s NOT what we do. Instead we do some crazy cool, kick butt, in your face kind of graphics. We’ll make the most apathetic person tear up with emotion! Umm…. heeelllllo people, we are visual storytellers – we take it to the extreme! But if you want a boring slideshow with no personality, well – we can do it – we just will advise you not to.