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About Us

As the story goes…
We were on our way to grandma’s house one day for some tasty lunch, when we took a side road. Grandma and Little Red got lucky that day, because we decided to sink our teeth into the world of video production, which is all the better to tell your story with.

We are a group of artists and professionals that got together and decided to make a cutting edge (mmm…too cliché)–a sensational video production company. We love our jobs. We get to joke around, brainstorm creative ideas, go on video shoots, have praise and gifts lavished upon us after completing projects (ok, maybe not gifts, but lots of praise) and do something that we love doing.

While we like to have fun and are light hearted, we are serious when it comes to our work…your work. We will never take your time or money lightly. We took our cue from the third little pig and built a solid foundation, based on talented people who accept nothing less than the best. We don’t want to just satisfy you, we want to “Wow!” you.

When you need video production, writers, and graphic artists to tell your story, our goal isn’t to be on your list of companies to call, our goal is to be the only company you call. From a field produced documentary, or a website video, to an animated logo or even an introductory speech, Big Bad Wolfe Productions will tell your story and bring it to life. We’ll work closely with you so we get you the right look, the right sound, the right feel, the right vision for what you want to say. We’ll let you guide us as the producer–control freaks are welcome. If you prefer a less active role, you can let us loose and allow our imaginations to run wild, and we’ll show you what we’re thinking. Either way, your masterpiece will come to life, no huffing and puffing involved, unless, of course, you want huffing and puffing, in which case we know some really talented huffers and puffers.